Friday, 31 July 2015

5 Things & 3 More

It's been a crazy busy last week in London which has mainly consisted of boxes, boxes and more boxes. Here are 5 happy moments from when we escaped the boxes:

1. Shiny, glossy locks thanks to Cheeky Hair
2. A final run round Victoria Park in the early morning sunshine
3. Midweek Champagne
4. Ducklings on the canal
5. Drinks and dinner with old friends

Needless to say, I have had no time to peak my head out of a box and do any interesting reading. I've probably missed a heap of interesting stuff: please do let me know below!

Happy weekend!


Friday, 24 July 2015

5 Things & 3 More

5 happy moments from my penultimate London week:

1. Calming breakfasts eaten amidst piles of boxes
2. Post-work juice with C
3. My new sausage dog keyring (thanks little C!)
4. B's banana bread
5. Mini loaf cakes

And 3 things to read if you have any spare minutes over the weekend:

2. Underage models return to the runway. Cue: outrage and debate.
3. The unbreakable relationship between food and wine.

Happy weekend!


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Celebration Cakes at Violet

Last Friday was a day free of work. A whole day taken off to celebrate B's amazing results, with maman and papa coming to join us too.

After watching an hour's worth of people be clapped across a stage in their purple LSE robes, a celebration slice of cake and a cup of tea was needed (before we headed out for the tastiest supper at Som Saa just across the park).

We sat outside under Violet's new peach awning, sipping mugs of tea and nibbling away at the most perfect cupcakes and layer cakes that London has to offer.

Violet Cakes, 47 Wilton Way, London, E8 3ED