Monday, 20 October 2014

Nigel Slater: English Apple Cake

This weekend was spent at home, sitting nibbling on a piece of Nigel Slater's English apple cake in maman's vegetable patch (the apples grown just the other side of the stone wall), sipping a cup of tea, catching the last moments of sunshine at the end of an idyllic autumn Saturday. 

When it came to returning to London on Sunday, discussing weekends past and present hiding out in the country - or more specifically in the veg patch - I realised that we were here this exact weekend the year before, which was the time I started this blog.

And so apple cake and ginger tea was eaten on some beautiful new furniture, in the dappled autumn light, thinking about all the cakes baked in the past year, and all the fruits and vegetables grown in this little space of abundant land. I'm so grateful for all you readers, unknown or known to me, silent or chatty, for spending some of your life in this little space: it warms my heart to share everything I place on here with you.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Joy the Baker: S'mores Brownies

This is what happens when I start wandering through Joy the Baker's archives. S'mores brownies. An inevitable, heavenly crime on a weekday evening because I have no control over my baking desires. 

Cakey, chocolate brownies with crunches of chocolate hobnobs (my English replacement for the graham crackers), and gooey, toasted marshmallow nestled on top. There's nothing not to love here. My addiction to all things S'mores has just increased (something I didn't think was possible). 

It's raining outside and it's a Saturday so I can only recommend you flick through Joy's recipes and wind up baking something as wonderfully bonkers as these brownies.

Friday, 17 October 2014

5 Things

5 happy moments from this week:

2. Walking through London in the dark with my headphones on
3. Porridge
4. When the rain finally stopped
5. Knowing that this evening I'll be at home in the country