Friday, 28 August 2015

5 Things & 3 More

The craziness of the last few weeks has finally calmed down, and I've finally re-found the time to sit down, read, think, reflect, and write. So, here are 5 happy things from the last week:

1. Running a lap of Prospect Park.
2. Richard Estes exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design.
3. Quite and calm in Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
4. Ice in my coffee.
5. The wonderful floaty feeling after my first yoga class in a month.

3 of the best things I've read this week that I wanted to share with you all:

1. This woman spent 15 years on Death Row in Mississippi.
2. Italians used social media to build an actual, real community.
3. Rachel Roddy's words on cooking in Sicily have me aching to go back to that magical island.


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Pastrami Sandwich at Katz's Deli

B and I had one week of freedom together in NYC before B started at school. Besides having a billion life admin things to sort in those few days, we also had a few NYC tourist must do's to tick off our list before Monday rolled around. One of those, was lunch at Katz's Deli.

Hailed as 'New York's most iconic deli' which serves up 'the world's greatest pastrami sandwich' (and also the location of one of the most brilliant Where Harry Met Sally scenes), it's no surprise that even on a weekday in August, this place is packed full of New Yorkers, of tourists, of businessmen, of students: there's barely a seat to spare.

The quantities of pastrami being cut and served behind the counter are astounding. Every week Katz's serves up 4.5 tons of pastrami. That's 235 tons of pastrami a year. And that's an amount I just can't comprehend.

Knowing what to order wasn't tricky for us first timers. Our stomachs still haven't quite stretched to the New York portion sizes, so we split a pastrami sandwich and settled into a seat in the corner where we could attempt to get our teeth around those many, many layers of meat.

It's going to take some more practice until we can eat this sandwich with as much dignity as a proper New Yorker.

Katz's Delicatessen, 205 E Houston Street, New York, NY 10002

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Cereal Milk Soft Serve, Milk Bar

When B & I finally agreed that we were going to move to NYC, one of the first things I did was order myself a copy of Christina Tosi's Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. I then spent many, many hours on the sofa reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading the recipes for cereal milk ice-cream, for the rainbow sprinkle filled birthday cake, for the compost cookies...

It therefore came as no surprise to those who have to live with me that two days in to our New York adventure, I had already made it to Milk Bar to finally taste the wondrous cereal milk soft serve that I'd read so, so much about.

The people working in here must have thought I was completely crazy as I had the widest, most excited smile across my face when they handed us over our order, cereal milk with crunch (for B), and cereal milk with sprinkles (for me). Photographs had to be taken quickly as I couldn't stand one more second of waiting to try this ice-cream. And, thankfully, this was with good reason: life in NYC can never be sad when Milk Bar is always only a few minutes away.

Milk Bar Williamsburg, 382 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 11211 (check here for other locations).