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Sunday, 6 September 2015


Tucked away at the bottom of a Brownstone on Atlantic Avenue is a hot pizza oven (which was sent here all the way from Naples), a lot of tables, and a yard out the back decorated with twinkling fairy lights. This place, serving up the best Neapolitan pizzas, is (quite literally) Sottocasa.

We waited 5 minutes for a table in the airy space at the back of the restaurant where a white canopy hangs off the roof, and benches line the walls of what is effectively, a very stylish greenhouse. With drinks on the table we browsed the various pizza options, discussing the ins and outs of different toppings, before settling on Popeye (spinach and ricotta. Predictable? Who? Me?), and the Parmigiana for B. 

The dough was light and flavourful, a result of being allowed time and space to rise for at least 48 hours before going in that searing hot oven, and the crust and base was speckled with just the right amount of charcoal. The vegetables were wonderfully fresh, and the cheese was melted to just the right point. A lot of time, care and work has gone into these pizzas, and you sure can taste it.

Sottocasa, 298 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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